Kuhn Rikon - White Potato Ricer - KR2664

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Kuhn Rikon - White Potato Ricer - KR2664 Description

Top chefs agree only a ricer can produce the perfect texture for mashed potatoes and other root vegetables. Our Potato Ricer is perfectly balanced for easy ricing with less effort. You will be astonished of the classic lump-free velvety texture you get.

Choose larger holes for a mashed side dish, or smaller holes to make a fine puree. A simple squeeze is all it takes to make something special. In a single stroke, our sturdy Swiss-designed ricer gently extrudes long, light strands through either of two included stainless steel disks.

  • Blenderless sauces
  • Try it for berry sauces for desserts or tomato puree
  • Healthy, homemade baby food
  • Straining blanched greens like spinach or chard
  • Ideal for mashed potatoes, potato pancakes and gnocchi
  • No lost disks - Convenient storage for second disk is built right in
  • Handy pullout clip allows the ricer to rest right on the rim of the pot or bowl
  • Designed for maximum leverage with a 1.5 cup extra-capacity hopper that holds one large or two medium-sized potatoes
  • Turns boiled potatoes, parsnips, carrots and more into smooth, silky, lump-free strands in a single squeeze
  • Screw on collar makes changing disks easy
  • Includes two easy-clean stainless steel ricing disks for varying textures
Brand Kuhn Rikon