Granite Ware - Covered Rectangular Roaster - GW05113

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Granite Ware - Covered Rectangular Roaster - GW05113 Description
Six generations of Americans have been cooking their Thanksgiving turkeys and traditional hams and roasts in a Granite Ware roaster and for good reason - It cooks faster and more evenly than other roasters. The dark porcelain surface and steel core absorb the oven's energy and evenly distribute it to the contents. Each roasting pan and it's handles are designed to accommodate the weight of the ingredients - much safer than foil. And, Granite Ware roasters clean up easily - just fill it with warm water and a little soap and food particles will wipe clean. The construction is porcelain fired at 1500 degrees to the carbon steel core. The result is a roaster than heats rapidly, is easy to clean and has an inert glass surface that won't discolor or alter the taste of food . The 21.25 x 14x 8.5 Inch covered rectangular roaster holds 22 pounds poultry or 25 pounds roast.
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