Emile Henry - Blanc Craie Salt Cellar

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Emile Henry - Blanc Craie Salt Cellar Description

Made from natural materials—ceramic and cork—the Salt Cellar prevents excess humidity and helps keep your salt (or sugar) from sticking together.

The concave cork lid protects the contents from dust and allows another pot to be stacked securely on top. It can also be used to keep nuts or small chili peppers handy for use. Practical, simply use a moist cloth to clean it.

Whether you use this storage pot to keep salt, sugar, spices or dried herbs, the glazed ceramic base doesn’t stain, stays odour free and is easy to care for (dishwasher compatible).

With it’s stylish design, the Emile Henry Salt Cellar sits nicely on the countertop and looks good on the table.

Brand Emile Henry
Color Blanc Craie
Type Tools & Accessories
Material Stoneware
Country of Origin France