Durgol - Swiss Espresso Machines Descaler 4.2 oz (2 Pack)

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Durgol - Swiss Espresso Machines Descaler 4.2 oz (2 Pack) Description

2 Pack Durgol Swiss Espresso Cleaner

To enjoy your espresso at its best, you need to ensure you are keeping your machine clean and free of limescale. With our 2-pack durgol Swiss Espresso cleaner, you can keep your machine running at peak performance.

There are plenty of descalers on the market, but durgol's Swiss Espresso cleaner is different. Durgol is different because it is made of sulfamic acid. While citric acid-based products are popular, these cleaners cannot remove 100% of limescale buildup, and using them creates an added layer of calcium citrate on top of any remaining limescale when used. This makes it even harder to clean in the future, as calcium citrate cannot be dissolved by any cleaner. Vinegar has become a popular do it yourself alternative, but this causes your machine's tubes to become brittle and porous, causing them to burst over time. With our 2-pack durgol Swiss Espresso cleaner, you can clean 100% of limescale buildup without leaving any calcium citrate or buildup behind. This cleaner is ready to use out of the bottle, unlike powder and tablet alternatives that need to be dissolved in water. Our durgol cleaners are safe for all brands of coffee or espresso machines, so you can be sure you are using a trusted product. This formula is fast, effective, and safe and will not leave any residue, odor, or aftertaste behind.

When you use durgol on your machines, you can rest easy knowing you are using a product that is environmentally safe and is packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle. If you have any questions about our 2-pack durgol Swiss Espresso cleaner, please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

  • Ready for use - No need to dissolve in water (unlike powders and tablets) and safe for ALL brands of coffee or espresso machines
  • Fast, yet effective and safe. Powerful, yet gentle and caring to the machine with no residue, odor, or aftertaste
  • Regular use ensures optimal coffee/espresso quality with the finest aroma and extends the life span of the coffee machine
  • Environmentally safe; 100% recyclable PET bottles
  • Made in Switzerland

Trust durgol®, the World Market Leader Durgol® was invented in Switzerland 67 years ago. Over the years, this formula has been further perfected to become the world market leader in descaling.

Your coffee machine's heart attack is preventable!

Don’t make your coffee/espresso machine huff and puff! If you don’t descale regularly, or use an inefficient descaler, it
takes longer to brew (reduced heat transfer) and the coffee doesn’t taste as good. Ultimately, the machine suffers the
inevitable heart attack or, if recognized in time, at the very least will need to be returned for an expensive service.
It doesn’t have to be that way! Thanks to regular descaling with durgol®, you keep your machine healthy and you enjoy
your superb quality coffee or espresso for a long time. Here’s what happens inside your machine:

durgol® is the only descaler that removes 100% of the limescale and will NOT leave any calcium citrate or calcium lactate build-up behind. Your machine is basically returned to “factory new".

Citric Acid based products cannot remove 100% of the limescale AND form an extra layer of calcium citrate on top of the remaining limescale! Your machine has begun to fail.

Vinegar stinks up the house and descales very slowly. The coffee will taste like vinegar for a long time. Vinegar turns tubes brittle and porous. Ultimately, they will crack or burst.


  • No need to stock a different descaler for each brand or type of machine you carry!
  • durgol® swiss espresso thoroughly & gently cleans them all.
  • Specifically formulated (including an anti-foaming agent) for fully or semi-automatic, capsule or pods coffee and espresso machines.

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