Durgol - 16.9 Oz Bathroom Cleaner

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Durgol - 16.9 Oz Bathroom Cleaner Description

For quick and thorough cleaning, leaving a fresh glow in your entire bathroom. Durgol Bathroom removes soap scum, grime, and lime buildup from sinks, showers, tubs, tiles, and fixtures at once and without effort. Highly effective, Beading Action, Ocean Scent, Biodegradable. 

Instructions: Fast and Easy - If using on a porous surface, first dampen surface with cold water. Spray and, if preferred, spread with a sponge. Allow to sit for max. 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. For heaviliy soiled areas, repeat. No need to wipe dry. A little goes a long way!

Brand Durgol