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Vacuum Insulation To Monitoring The Elderly
A 102-year-old company, the Zojirushi corporation started back in 1918 with the newest technology, vacuum insulation. Jumping to 2001, Zojirushi is asked to head monitoring the elderly via the Zojirushi “I-Pot”. 23 different milestones are depicted on the Zojirushi homepage since the last 100 years. 
More Enjoyable & Satisfying
The many products and services that Zojirushi has provided throughout their 102-year history has always cared about the enjoyability of life. Making life easier is what makes Zojirushi a brand that differs itself from the competitors. Their age alone adds to their exclusivity. Most companies come and go. Zojirushi remains strong. 
Creating A Quality Of Life
“Inspirations for everyday life” is Zojirushi’s corporate philosophy. Innovations that allow the seniors to operate the product easily is one of the thought processes that run through Zojirushi’s R&D department daily. “Make life comfortable and convenient” is the supreme principle at Zojirushi! 
Energy Savings!
Everything Zojirushi produces is as simple and efficient as just lugging it in. The ease of use, along with the minimal electricity each product uses creates convenience that leads to a comfortable life in the kitchen. The clean-up is a snap. The durability with the internal components is pure quality. And the Japanese styling is gorgeous! 
Design Deserves To Be Awarded
The push-type dispenser entitled the “Air Pot” received numerous accolades back in 1973 for its innovative technology. Just this year, 2020, and back in 2017, Zojirushi received the If Design Award!
Give The Gift Of Zojirushi
Zojirushi’s commitment to making life easier during the last 100 years has truly aided in the lives of millions around the world. Zojirushi brings the honor and prestige of Japanese inspired technology in every invention manufactured. Help Grandma with her cooking chores by gifting the Zojirushi that suits her culinary needs. 
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