Bialetti - Manual Coffee Grinder

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Bialetti - Manual Coffee Grinder Description

Experience the flavor & aroma Bialetti's manual coffee grinder is considered to be the best performing manual grinder in the market. It's easy to adjust wheel allows you to adjust for your preferred coarseness, whether course for coffee press, fine for the moka express or extra fine for Turkish brew. It is designed to utilize less effort, while creating twice the output. care and use Recommended on regular basis to clean your coffee grinder by turning the crank back and forth while keeping the grinder up-side-down. This will help clean and clear the area around the grinder stone. Unscrew the grey adjusting wheel completely and take out ceramic cone. You will see that the cone is filled with residue. Clean the grinder stone and cone with a stiff brush. for a more thorough cleaning you can put the cone in warm water and dissolve residue.

Brand Bialetti
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